Kira Fercho is taking the art world by storm and garnering the attention of gallery owners and seasoned collectors across the country, not only for her talent but also because her spirit and zest for life shows through in everything she does. Known for her thick impasto style oil paintings, Kira is a Montana native who paints what she knows.  She is a member of the prestigious American Impressionists Society and her works have been heavily influenced by The Russian Impressionists and The American Tonalist painters. She is the youngest artist to be invited into The Yellowstone Art Museum’s Annual Art Auction.  Fercho’s vivid use of colors and bold brushstrokes reveal a painter who is not only fun but also educated in the style of Impressionism.  Her works are distinct, make an impact, and are instantly recognizable.

Artist Statement:
At a young age, I discovered art as a way to express myself. I knew that it was what my life story would be about. At age 17, I went to college on an art and academic scholarship. Through my early 20’s, I struggled with poverty and later became a single parent. Determined to become a professional painter and a successful single parent, I put myself through school with only the aide of my painting sales. My disciplined side led me to obtain a Master’s in Mental Health and Rehabilitation. Along with being a professional painter, I work as a counselor part-time. I try to bring these two diverse worlds together by donating time and works of art throughout the year to nonprofit agency fundraisers. I believe that the diversity in my life shows throughout my body of work.